Terms of Use


The present agreement defines the general conditions of supply of the wireless network service (Wireless or WiFi) offered by the Data Controller (hereinafter “Controller”) as indicated in the enclosed Privacy Information.
– Access to the service is free and allowed only to users who are at least 18 years old.
– With the first use of the service, the user declares to have carefully read and expressly accepted all the terms and conditions of use of the service expressly indicated in this agreement and in the enclosed Privacy Information.

User obligations

The user undertakes not to use the service to make communications that cause damage or disruption to the network or to third parties or that violate the laws and regulations in force. In particular, the user undertakes to:
– use the service only for the personal purposes for which it was granted, in particular it undertakes not to use the service for commercial purposes;
– do not carry out any activity that is in contrast with Italian and European legislation;
– do not send by e-mail advertising and / or promotional messages or communications to other users and / or discussion groups without having requested and obtained the relative consent or without such sending being explicitly requested (spam);
– do not transfer large amounts of data, if not actually necessary;
– do not violate the secret of personal correspondence and the right to privacy;
– respect the rules of good education in use on the Internet, known as “Netiquette” which have become standard in the document known as “RFC 1855”;
– do not transmit material and / or messages that encourage third parties to implement an unlawful and / or criminal conduct subject to criminal or civil liability;
– do not enter into the network information that may present forms or contents of a pornographic, obscene, blasphemous, racist, defamatory or offensive nature
– do not carry out activities intended to circumvent or deceive the access and / or security control systems of any internal or public server;
– do not use mechanisms or tools of any nature that could evade the protection systems against unauthorized copying of the software, reveal passwords, identify any security vulnerabilities, or compromise network security in any way.

Limitations of Liability

The user using the WiFi service:
– is aware that the network service is provided through the use of shared band frequencies and limited protection against interference, consequently the service delivery and its quality are not guaranteed;
– acknowledges that the Data Controller is in no way responsible for the content, quality, validity of any information found on the network, or the outcome of transactions with particular reference to those of a commercial nature using electronic payment systems or similar techniques that the user wanted to create;
– releases the Data Controller from any direct or indirect personal or patrimonial damage deriving from computer attacks suffered during the use of the service and declares to be aware of the IT risks inherent to navigation;
– assumes full responsibility for the actions performed during the use of the service and for the content of the messages transmitted;
– complies with the laws in force concerning copyright (law 633/41 and subsequent amendments) and the protection of privacy, according to the provisions of the European Regulation 2016/679, as well as the specific criminal laws relating to the IT and electronic communication sector, in addition to any other general legal provision.